Copy editing & proofreading

copy editing and proofreading

Our team of professional editors are here to add the finishing touches to your manuscript and help ensure that your writing is outstanding. Choose our copy editing & proofreading services if you want your writing to be the very best it can be.

Our proofreading services are ideal for those who have completed their manuscript, are happy with the plot and content but would like to add some final touches prior to submitting to literary agents or publishers. The following areas are covered as part of the proofreading service:

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Consistency of grammatical usage
  • Correct use of paragraphs, speech marks
  • Standardise the appearance of extracts, quotations, verse

It also covers consistency of character attributes, natural sounding dialogue, pace and fluency of writing, lengthy or clunky sentence construction, repetition and word usage, and timelines where relevant. Where necessary the editor will also focus on the use of either US English or UK English according to the author’s preference.

If you are ready to go ahead with copy editing & proofreading, please submit your manuscript. We will then instantly email you confirmation of the price of the proofreading along with full instructions as to how to continue.

Actual price will fluctuate depending on your final page/word count.

Actual price will fluctuate depending on your final page/word count.

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